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The mission of Fostering
Goodwill is to act as a
resource for aging out
youth in foster care and
assist this population as
they transition away from
the state’s care and
become independent
members of society.  This
includes educating the
youth about their rights,
informing them about
available resources within
the community and
assisting them in
completing tasks
necessary to be on their
own.  This includes
helping them secure basic
needs such as food,
housing, transportation,
employment, education,
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Investing in Youth Well-Being
The Foster Care Work Group—one of three work groups in the Youth Transition
Funders Group, a network of grantmakers seeking to help all youth make a
successful transition to adulthood by age 25—recently released a written agenda
promoting increased investment in the well-being of children in or transitioning out of
foster care.  
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- Graduation Celebration 2014
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